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Strong beginning to the story and some really nice shots in there. My favorite being them at the piano with the window behind them and that rim light that takes over parts of their outline. A nice watch and good work overall. I have a feeling that some of what was cut would have solved some story problems I have with it at the end.

What a great production! Awesome drawings, finished look, and a bunch of exciting things packed in there. My only negative thing is that it's unfortunate that everything had to go by so quickly. Like it was hard for me to take in everything, and see what was happening. A tough situation though because with it as an intro it couldn't be made longer, so things would have to be taken out.

Left me with a lot of questions. Not ones that need answering, just was wondering if the girl knew what she was doing, did something make the pencil this way? Like in this world are all things sentient, or was this a miracle pencil who expected nurturing and love but was just used and abused? Whatever the case, is a deeper meaning intended? I think that in giving a sad and unanswered ending it does make the audience think, which is pretty cool.

Loved most of the shots. Like really good drawings, interesting angles and compositions. And the editing between them towards the end, it was one spicy meat-a-ball.

4.5 stars because a lot of stuff is done well, it made me think, but I feel there is room for improvement with things like making those long shots in the beginning interesting and I felt like something could of been added to the story.

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I like a lot of what's going on here. The aesthetic is all great and it was just my experience with the game so far that makes me give it 3.5 stars. This is certainly partly due to me needing to get better at it. I did find myself doing so each time. Summing up my struggles, I got lost constantly, kept going out of bounds on the same corner (fall->reset->fall, etc), and didn't know if I should be exploring and collecting, or competing for 1st place.

What's a solution to that? One, I get better and learn the map. But I have to want to keep playing too. Two, maybe some direction arrows >>> pointing which way to go to complete the level and move on. Those could be in the environment I imagine. Three, a little map in the corner that shows the roadways within a certain radius that way you could be enticed to go one way and maybe recognize the layout and know where you are.

Only thing I found from my playtime that could be a bug is it was silent for a significant amount of time. Like a song ended and maybe 30 seconds later another one started up.

Right now where it's at, I feel like some people will have a great time, and others will get frustrated with the difficulties and quit playing.

UltimoGames responds:

because I made all levels, I know every twist and turn. It is interesting to read, on how people experience the game. So thanks for the review, I'll try to make the game better, and more user-friendly!

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There's a real nice finish to this, nice and clean and precise. Also, it feels like it'd be part of an ad campaign for a show about like cut throat baking.

Heck yeah! I like the sci-fi & magical woodland feeling I'm getting from this.

FuShark responds:

Glad you approve! :D

Love your outlines and color work. And shoot, it's very possible for Pokémon to pick up smoking, especially this sassing Mr. Mime.

I used to sit all day, now I have a standing desk. I like to make stuff that makes me laugh and smile, and hope that some of it resonates with others. Nature, fantasy, and dark humor are my inspirations.

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